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Clark Terry rehearses with the Airmen of Note, directed by Bob Bunton http://www.airmenofnote.com/index.htm at the 1970 “Music of Black America” Concert; broadcast live from DAR Constitution Hall.  In the picture can be seen a young Tim Eyermann on Alto Sax. http://www.timeyermann.com/

The vacuum tube recording system used for the event included Ed Green's Edgewood Recording Studio console and Neuman U47 and U67 microphones.

Vocalist Marian Love at the same Airmen of Note concert. You can download four songs - all recorded on vacuum tube equipment at this historic event:

Clark Terry  - "Take the A Train"
Clark Terry - "Mumbles Returns"
Marian Love - "I Believe in Music"
Marian Love - "I Got to Get You Into My Life"

A view from backstage out over the  DC Convention Center during a Jessie Jackson for President Rally in the early 80's.  Note the ElectroVoice “white horns” suspended from the Convention Center ceiling.
Ella Fitzgerald performs in front of Leon Breeden's North Texas State University Jazz Band http://www.music.unt.edu/jazz/ at the Spoleto Jazz Festival – late 70's
Joe Williams and the North Texas State University Jazz Band at the Spoleto Jazz Festival.
Bob Hope and General Chuck Yaeger leave the Techniarts mobile control trailer at the start of President George Bush's Inaugural Parade.

Dr. Jaecek Figwer's eq settings and the ElectroVoice speaker arrays used at the Reagan Inauguration.
Ronald Reagan Takes the Oath of Office - 1981 Inaugural.
Jack Heishman at the PA system amp racks during the Bush Inauguration.
Bill Clinton at the podium during his second Inauguration.

Leonard Bernstein conducts his “Mass In Time of War” at the “Counter Inaugural” concert.  The event was presented at the Washington Cathedral as an anti-war protest in opposition to the official Inaugural Concert being held at the Kennedy Center for Richard Nixon .

The event was broadcast live over the then fledgling NPR network.  Techniarts used an early solid-state Electrodyne mixing console to record and broadcast this event.

Ruth Leon of WETA listens to playback with Eugene Ormandy, conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra during rehersal for Richard Nixon's Official Inaugural Concert at the newly opened Kennedy Center.

Techniarts provides facilities for the live broadcast, including Suburban Sound mixers, Crown tape recorders and early AKG solid state condenser microphones.

Gerry Lob , WETA Engineer at the Suburban Sound mixers used for the concert recording and live broadcast.  An unidentified engineer from CBS Labs is to the right.  CBS Labs provided the prototype “Quadrasonic” encoder used for this early video simulcast – accomplished in a time before satellites made such undertakings routine.
Eugene Ormandy listens to tape playback after the concert
Noted Washington DC recording engineer Roger Adams is seen standing in this picture.
Close up of Jerry Lob at the Suburban Sound mixer.
Well know Washington television director Mike Pengra directs a music video being shot at the Uptown Theatre.  Larry Odom, arranger and harpist for the Air Force band is behind Mike.
An early ( 1970's) concert on the Capitol Lawn.  Techniarts provides sound reinforcement and broadcast audio equipment.  The console is one of the first Automated Process units built.
Leon Breedon's North Texas State University Band at the Hilton Head Jazz Festival in the 1970's.
Early solid state broadcast console using Automated Processes components; built by Techniarts - mid 1970's.
Old Techniarts Showroom on Fenton Street – mid 70's
Pope John Paul appears at Living History Farm in Iowa – Techniarts provides sound and broadcast audio systems for the event.  The live audience was over 1 Million.  In an era before digital delays, the long delay lines required for the PA system were constructed using  tape loops running on Crown vari-speed tape recorders.
Pat Glass at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony during the Carter Administration.
Mel Sprinkle , one of the pioneers of the field of Acoustical Engineering, using an General Radio wave analyzer to set the sound system EQ prior to a 5th Dimension Concert.

Portable audio equipment set up at Wolf Trap for the “In Concert at Wolf Trap” series, one of the first television programs to be recorded and broadcast in stereophonic sound.

The first WETA-TV audio engineer, Jerry Lob , is shown in two pictures.

Techniarts provided broadcast audio facilities for the program. Shown in the picture is a Rupert Neve console, Suburban Sound mixers, Ampex/MCI eight track recorder.  In an era before time code synchronization, the eight track recorder was manually locked to the 2” Quad video tape machines by using V drive pulses, and an oscilliscope.  A operator manually controlled the audio machine capstan motor speed to achieve phase lock with the video tape.

Sound equipment set up for the Bicentennial celebration at Yorktown, Virginia - 1976.

Sid Zimit , well known audio engineer of the period, at the Bicentennial Celebration at Yorktown Battlefield – 1976